America`s New President… A Useless Debate

For us(as Pakistani) and for world, the name Bush & Obama does not matters,what  matter is american`s foreign policy.

With the slogan of “Change” and due to “Black color”, Obama got attention from the world in previous election. But we see no change in american`s behvaiour for the world.

Obama Promised to Close the Guantanamo Bay in 2008 but it is still open. Afghanistan war enter in 12 years previous day, while Obama got Nobel Prize for Peace, that was not only a Joke for Obama, also was fro Noble Prize organizers.

Fact is with the “change” of Bush to Obama, American behavior for the world remained same. This is why I think this is a useless debate for us to think who is the next president of America.

Further more , here are some more points mentioned by ZahraBilloo in her tweets which matters to the Muslim world especially, but both Obama-Romney have same stand on these:

* “Two millionaires sponsored by billionaires debating how to help the middle class. ”

Things Obama and Romney agree on:

* not prosecuting the Bush era torturers. #Election2012

* bombing weddings in Pakistan and Afghanistan for “national security” #Debates #Election2012

* not compensating families of innocent drone strike victims in Pakistan #Debates #Election2012 #AJStream

* a nuclear double standard for Apartheid Israel vs. Iran #Debates #Election2012

* Photo opps with Muslims in the US while bombing them abroad #Debates #Election2012

* White House Iftars While They Spy on Mosques #Debates #Election2012

*  Injustice for Palestine #Election2012 #Debates

* Using Drone Strikes to Kill Women and Children #Debates #Election2012

If Romney wins “the world will end.” If Obama is reelected, he’ll just keep drone murdering & advancing Bush policy. Go America, go! Said by Remi Kanazi


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  1. US Presidential Debate on Foreign Policy
    Selling Fear and War by Muhammad Tariq Khan

    Just watching presidential debate in US gives me a whole new perspective on how “Uncle” looks at things ..

    Bringing Peace, Democracy and Building Nations by means of War, waging Wars and expecting Economies to do well, calling Ideological killing a terrorist act and ignoring the fact that killing and terrorism are acts of madness & insanity that has no ideology, mentioning human rights as a rhetoric and forgetting hundreds of Gitmos in US and around the world, focusing on creation of jobs, increase in GDP & Economic growth at home by putting embargoes & trade blockades on other nations, for reasons right or wrong, without giving a thought to the domino effect it will have on Global Economy.

    How convenient to to raise security issues of a state and neglect the basic human rights and sanctity of life of other people, respect of other cultures, religions and sovereignty of other nations. How opportune to make escape goat of a handful people, be despicable and heinous, to further own expansionist desires and designs.
    I was thinking how easy its to sell to a domestic and recipient audience that by colonising territories and creating new killing fields the status of Supremacy & being “Indispensable” can be not only be achieved but actually maintained in the long term not telling them the hatred it gives rise and the chain of violence, death and destruction it produces.

    I wish i could tell them the words of famous poet of Urdu Language (National Language of Pakistan) Sahar Ludhyanvi (Late) that ..

    Jang to Khud Aik Mas’ala hay .. Jang Keya Mas’alon ka Hal daygi ..
    Aag or Khoon aaj dayti hay .. Bhook or Ehtiyaaj Kal daygi ..

    War is a problem in itself .. Incapable of giving any solution ..
    It breaths fire and sheds blood in the first place and brings hunger and destitute as aftermath ..

    ( )

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    any comments welcome

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